• DERescue data recovery master is a best laptop hard drive recovery software for recover lost data or deleted files from laptop hard drive recovery (FAT12/ fat 16/fat 32 partition, NTFS partition, NTFS5 partition)
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    • when your lost laptop hard drive data ,example word document ,excel file, pdf file ppt file or audio/ music/ video files in your IBM DELL HP laptop is lost , you can use our hard drive data recovery software - derescue data recovery master help you free download and free scan your lost data or deleted files on laptop hard drive ,and recovery it funtion : support laptop format/ lost/damaged hard drive data recovery ,laptop lost /deleted /format partition recovery
    How to recover data
  • Friendly tips: Please do not write new files into a partition to be recovered, do not format a partition or repartition it and do not recover data into a partition to be recovered to avoid a secondary data damage. Please download our software onto a partition or disk not to be recovered before performing recovery operations