• How to Restore lost Partition?

    • Partition is the space defined on your hard drive to be used for the system or for storing data. Most of users may decide to split a hard disk into multiple partitions in order to organize their data more effectively.
    • However, these partitions may get deleted, missed or corrupt due to some common reasons like: unconsciously deleting, power failure, viral attacks, uncertain system shutdown, software corruption, OS corruption. And the vital or important data stored on those partitions may become inaccessible which may create many hardships to a person who is depending on those data. Is it possible to restore a deleted partition? Or restore the data on this deleted partition?

    • There is nothing to worry, because when you delete a hard drive partition, you are not initially deleting everything but just the parameters that mark how the partition is setup. However, to restore the partition you will most likely need to reestablish those parameters.
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  • You can follow these steps to restore your lost or deleted partition:
  • Restart the computer with a Windows install CD. Stroke “Del” or hit whatever key is listed on the screen to go into the Bios. Set the CD as the first boot device. Restart the computer and let Windows start the Install process.
  • Agree to all the choices to let Windows install but choose "Repair" rather than install as soon as you see an option to do so. You can restore your deleted partitions when the DOS-like screen type "fixboot" and hit "Enter." Restart the computer. This may or may not fix the problem.
  • If this method does not work or you do not wish to attempt this method, you can find third-party software designed to restore a deleted partition. In market there is abundance of data restore software and hard drive restore services. DERescue Data recovery master is a choice.
  • When a partition is deleted, DERescue Data recovery master provides the restoration options of Fast Scanning of Missing Partitions and Full Disk Scanning. Run the program and follow the instructions to restore the partition.
  • With Fast Scanning of Missing Partition, you can find out good or just slightly damaged partitions, and can quickly list the original directory structures in just 2-3 minutes.
  • Full Disk Scanning restores slower, but it can scan all sectors and directories and produce the original directory structure based on various original partitions. It can restore seriously damaged partitions flawless.
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  • TIPS: Leave everything alone. Do not do anything else to your computer; don't add anything or remove anything. It is difficult to guarantee about restoring your partition if you rewrite to your deleted partition.

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