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    DERescue data recovery master is a powerful hard Disk data recovery software from hdd, FAT12/FAT 16/ FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5 partitions.


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    If you've been using computers for a decent amount of time there is a good chance someone has told you that data stored on a hard drive is not exactly safe. I'm here to assure you that this is indeed true.

    Never mind the fact that unlike tapes or CDs or other methods of storage, hard drives are mechanical, active devices and are thus subject to comparatively rapid breakdown.

    No, the real threat to hard drives are the people that use them, by which I mean you and me. Hard drives, being the dynamic storage devices that they are, are extremely easy to erase in any number of amusing and simple to achieve ways... as are USB hard drives and flash memory cards (recovery tips for that media is detailed here).

    Working as a computer tech during the glory days of Windows 98, you get rather used to using FDISK and other hard drive utilities to prepare and repair customer's drives, which leads to a certain over confidence. That attitude can lead straight to disaster, sort of like giving a 12 year old boy the keys to an ATV.

    Picture this if you will; there I was, two or three sentences and a screen shot away from finishing a 5000+ word article on computer upgrades. All I had to do was fire up FDISK on a dual boot Windows98/XP Pro system and grab a few screen shots. I figured I'd write a little blurb on how to partition a drive, making sure to tell the readers not to mess with FDISK if they were not sure what they were doing…

    Yes, there's going to be some irony here.

    So anyway, I wanted to get some more screen shots of the actual partitioning screen, but I did not have a blank hard drive handy. I figured I could use my NTFS formatted XP drive (which FDISK perceived as a blank drive) to start the "process," grab the screen shots and then cancel the partitioning


    data recovery even after a hard drive has been reformatted or repartitioned

           from c, d, e, f partition in your computer's hard disk .







    Our software scans very fast.

    Its high-performance algorithms for scanning engine save you a lot of time in recovery.

    It can scan FAT32 and NTFS directory structure during scanning.

    When the format of a partition is changed, it can be recovered by the program without formatting the partition back to the original format, in turn avoiding more damages.

    The product organizes the directory structure in the memory during scanning without changing the data in the source disk. It is a very safe recovery tool


    After scanning, it can place normal files and deleted files in different directories separately, so you can find files to restore conveniently. you can free download DERescue Data Recovery Master now.



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    Friendly tips: Please do not write new files into a partition to be recovered, do not format a partition or repartition it and do not recover data into a partition to be recovered to avoid a secondary data damage. Please download our software onto a partition or disk not to be recovered before performing recovery operations


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    • * Speed is very fast than other
    • * Very simply and easy to use
    • * Very powerful funtion to use
    • * Recover lost files in 3 stages
    • * Free tech support (7*24)
    • * Price is well worth
    • * 30 Day money back :
    • If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase,contact us and we will refund 100% of your purchase.

    * How to recover your file or partition


    • Brothersoft Editor:

    • DERescue is a very powerful software to recover lost data. Please do not write any data to the partition or disk that you want to recover

    • User Reviews :

    • Strengths :

    • It worked to recover the data I deleted from my external USB backup drive after my computer crashed.

    • Overall Evaluation: Overall it worked. I downloaded it and scanned to find data, and it did it. Before I could recover anything, I had to register it. That ment paying $60 to get the registration key. I think it was well worth the money.

      Reviewed by: jim

    • from pcword 12-21-2008