• Recover Files After Quick Format

    • Thanks Mail for recovering files after quick format successfully.
      I didn’t expect to recover my files after quick format successfully. But only Derescue Data Recovery Master helped me to recover my files after quick format.
      A couple of days ago, my Windows XP crashed, I’ve tried every way to fix the problem. However, I failed to get it normal again. Due to considering too much about fix Windows problem, I forgot that My Documents is located at system drive, and used Windows Live CD to format the system drive and reinstalled Windows XP. After get everything ready, I found that all the files in My Documents were gone!
      My sky turned into darkness. The files in My documents costs me years’ material collection, work, precious photos of my family, etc. If these files disappear, my rest life is a blank. I shut down my computer and asked my friends, they got no idea about that. Then I have to ask Google to see if there is any way that I can get the quick formatted files back.
      I found there is a lot of data recovery software on net. And I checked a lot of knowledge about how to recover files after quick format and why the quick formatted files can be recovered, or something like that. I nearly despaired, the articles told me that once formatted the partition, I should not write any data into this partition. I reinstall a whole system in this partition!!! I got little hope to get them back.
      And then, I tried some data recovery software, like easy recovery, EASEUS, recover my files, etc. Some of them only found a little of my documents, some of them got corrupt files, some of them even cannot found them. Finally, I decide to try a final one. I got your data recovery software, Derescue Data Recovery Master. Through the trial version, I found 80% of my documents, among all data recovery software I tried, it get me the most recovery number, and I can preview nearly all of them.

      I was totally astonished by this software. And then I immediately ordered your software, and got those 80% quick formatted files back! Thanks Derescue. Recover files after quick formatted successfully, I think $59.89 is too cheap. It saved my years’ data. I’d like to pay all I have to get this data recovery software. Thanks dude, I will tell every friend of mine about this experience, and hope you have a better future.
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